Carolyn Reid


Carolyn Reid, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, a disciple for Christ and one who hungers and thirsts after righteousness.  Carolyn, a graduate of Florida State College is a motivator and encourager.  A fact about Carolyn that many don't know is in high school she was recognized as the athlete of the year for the state of Florida.  To this day she is still an athlete in the natural and spirit.  


Carolyn loves her community and serves at her local church, Philippians Community Church.  Carolyn is a graduate of One on One with God, a discipleship training class, and now a leader and discipleship maker.  Carolyn’s heart's desire is to see the lost get saved and help men and women to recognize that they are valuable in the eyes of God.

Married to her husband Frederick for twenty-seven years, Carolyn is the mother of three daughters and one son.  In her quiet time she loves to read self-help, educational and inspirational books.  Carolyn lives by the saying “just keep walking and believe anything is possible with God.”  Carolyn’s life is a message of hope and trust. The message of hope is one to encourage others that there is nothing about you that is too much for God and that God has created you and He holds the original blueprint.  The message of trust is one that she encourages all who come in contact with her that everyone can and should trust God to carry the cares for their lives.  


Many lives have been impacted because of Carolyn's relentless posture to encourage and motivate all who she comes in contact with. 

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