Christine Harrison


Senior Servant Christine Harrison has been labeled as a modern-day Harriet Tubman for her ability to show others to the l.i.g.h.t. (Living In God’s Holy Truths).  Depositing hope, joy, encouragement with Kingdom insight are a few of the attributes Servant Harrison freely shares with others as led by the Holy Spirit.  She does this while reminding the Saints to seek the Lord while He may be found [Isaiah 55:6-7], learn of Him [Matt. 11-29-30] and know His plan for your life [I Timothy 2:3-4] that will provide direction on how to transform ones’ spiritual mustard seeds into mustard trees of faith!    


Although Servant Harrison came from a religious family upbringing, it was not until she accepted the responsibility of walking according to God’s will for her life as a chosen vessel to be used in sharing His-Story August 11, 2001, that being a Christian took on new meaning.  This acceptance came with an Abram/Abraham challenge that prompted a physical change to mirror what started spiritually with a faith move to Georgia in September 2004.  This training lasted for 13 years when the Lord called Servant Harrison higher with the relocation to Tennessee after a 20-year hiatus in February 2018.

In 2007, the Lord revealed the sacred manner of how to carry His Mantle, understand the Sons and Daughters in the earth to which she would be assigned as a Sister in the Faith and an encourager through God’s love with a Servant’s heart. The spiritual vehicle the Lord elected to create this visible facet of the Kingdom is: Inspiring Life Ministries.  Though this birthing was nearly miscarried resulting from the continuous fiery trials positioned at every interval associated with the birthing process, God remained faithful in showing Servant Harrison how to remain humble, become fruitful thus yielding the rewards of obedience as a vessel of honor He can use SOLELY for His Glory!


Through God’s infinite wisdom and divine timing, Servant Harrison began to see what Inspiring Life Ministries would consist of…a Ministry of Prayer, Faith and in constant communication with the Lord to ensure His plan would be brought to fruition with the Remnant of God successfully transitioning from as is to As His…

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