Claudia Smith


Claudia Smith, born and raised in Colombia, South America and currently living in Jacksonville, Florida. Claudia loves the Lord and shows it in every part of her life. She loves her community and wakes up each day ready to serve and extend the love of the Lord. Along with serving at her local church, Claudia’s community involvement is national: Ambassador for her college in her country. She serves with International Missions in Central and South America. Bilingual Helper for KBF - Ministries and Translator for Spanish magazine. In addition, she teaches Spanish as a Volunteer in the community at Jacksonville, FL. International Logistics training and 28 years of experience in different markets. Coordinator of FEMA project for hurricane Maria for ocean cargo loaded from USA to Puerto Rico moving 450 containers for humanitarian relief.

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Married to her Amazing Husband (Navy Vet and Civil services for 30 years). Her goal is to help move donations for churches from USA to help local churches in Latin America. In her free time, Claudia loves walking, traveling, and reading. Praying daily for International Ministries and standing in the gap, Claudia believes in the freedom that only God can give. Her Personal Mantra: “ Faith does not ask questions, Faith obeys. Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”