Morgan-Drew Kohn


Morgan-Drew Kohn, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida is the middle child of two siblings (Madison and Malachi). Morgan-Drew is blessed to have amazing parents David and Yolanda Kohn. From a near fatal motorcycle crash to a Modern Day miracle, Morgan-Drew has survived, held on to his faith and been recused from what “could have been”. A graduate from Oakleaf High School in 2013, Morgan-Drew was loved by everyone he came in contact with.

Morgan-Drew lived for food, football and fast cars. After a life changing accident that declared him brain dead, he found his purpose; spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living a normal life and letting everyone know to “never give up”.

At the age of seven years old Morgan-Drew was baptized by his grandfather, Bishop Louis W. Osborne, Jr. at Apostolic Assembly of Love in Houston, TX. He was filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of thirteen and today, Drew is walking out that power by the grace of the Lord that is still resting upon his life.

Morgan-Drew is a motivational speaker and has given his testimony abroad. Being a guest on The Tamron Hall Show, Morgan-Drew has been able to share his testimony nationally. Any opportunity he gets to share his story is an opportunity to inspire. Morgan-Drew has many friends all over the world, one particular is a Journalist Heather Crawford. She has seen Morgan-Morgan-Drew unfold to a continuous miracle story that can be shared. Heather, has featured Morgan-Drew’s story which was nominated for two Emmy’s. Heather is more than a journalist she is “family”.

Morgan-Drew’s goals are to preach the gospel all over the world. He desires to be married and raise beautiful kids in the fear of the Lord. Sports are still very important to Morgan-Drew, so he is waiting for the door of opportunity to open where he can play out his passion for athletics. Morgan-Drew is UNSTOPPABLE. While the world complains and allows the cares of the world to cause defeat, Morgan-Drew continues to mount up his wings like an eagle and soar beyond the unimaginable.

His personal mantra is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Morgan-Drew’s prayers are one that will shake the very foundation you stand on. Get ready as he pours his heart to the Father and you will see God move in more ways than you can expect.

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