Erica Sewell

Erica Sewell,  born in Camden, NJ, and currently living in Jacksonville Florida is a Wife and Amazing Mother of two gorgeous girls.  Erica, enjoys writing, reading, cooking, video editing and acting.  With an Associates of Arts degree from Florida State College of Jacksonville. Currently she is finishing her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from The University of North Florida.  Along with her hobbies, Erica loves being used by the Lord dancing and serving at her local church. 


Being a new author is one check off of her list.  Erica also would like to become a life coach for men, women and children.  Erica is a gentle heart to all who connect with her.  As she grows into the things of the Lord, she stands on the mantra, “God did not create this beautiful world, just for you to stay in your backyard, Go and enjoy what he has to offer.” 


Enjoy every prayer from the heart of Erica Sewell.


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