LaToya Taite-Headspeth

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LaToya Taite-Headspeth is a God lovin’, pattern mixin’, colorful creative soul who loves cultivating an atmosphere for women empowerment. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and currently living in Palm Coast, Florida, she lives her life as a full-time wife, mother, employee, and entrepreneur. She is the proud wife of Sterling Headspeth and mother of four beautiful children Kedron (22), Samira (16), Aminah (10), and Sterling Aquil (2), and in her free time loves to read and relish in the solitude of quietness when she can capture a few cherished moments to collect her thoughts and hit the internal reset button! 

LaToya is the registrar at a local charter school, where she founded YGOC (Young Girls of Color) and co-founded YMOC (Young Men of Color) - two after school mentor programs designed for girls and boys in grades 5th - 8th. 

She is also the founder of Naturals of Palm Coast (women empowerment events with a natural hair twist), creator of The Colour Collective (a melanin curated marketplace for women of color by women of color), owner of Everything Toi Boutique (your one-stop to everything amazing), and leader of Director Team Doin It Divas & Dons (D.I.D) in her current direct sales business.


Her purpose is to inspire, empower, and promote. 


LaToya is a Spiritual Midwife called to manifest greatness, and she knows how, through the unction of the Holy Spirit, to help push those that she has been called to serve into a posture of giving spiritual birth to what the Lord has called them to do.


LaToya is a cheerleader for women and young girls made evident by the atmosphere of positive vibes that can be experienced whether you are viewing one of her Facebook Lives or attending one of her curated events.


An interesting fact about LaToya is that she served as Just 4U Productions Assistant Director for the past 3 plays and also performed on stage with her family including her husband and daughters for the past 5 years - even her 2-year-old has made a few appearances.  


Her personal mantra is: “Live and Speak Life on Purpose”

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