Martiza Singleton

Maritza Singleton is a native of Charleston, SC.  She is married to Donel Singleton Jr. with whom she shares a son, Donel Singleton III.   This opportunity to be a part of the Urgency Prayer book is meaningful.  In 2012, she delivered her son at 23 weeks and he remained in the hospital for 4 months.  It was in those moments that she cried out for God to perform a miracle and keep her son while facing many health concerns.  In 2020, I have been pushed to come out of the shadow of my relationship with God and to share it in a more meaningful way outside of my immediate circle.  I am not comfortable here, just yet, but God’s plan has given more to my life than I can ever repay. I know that this will bless your life and those that you will share it with.  

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