Mona Webb

Mona Webb is a native of Jacksonville, Florida born and raised and is a known superstar in Jacksonville. Mona has impacted the Kingdom of God with her relentless and bold faith!  Always ready to share a Word from the Lord, Mona has a passion for outreach and looks for opportunities to witness and minister the Word of God.  Founder of The Threshing Floor Experience, Mona has walked into a new season of obedience to create an atmosphere where people can come to seek God and allow Him to transform them from the inside out. 


Mona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is Certified in Healthcare Administration.  Mona has two amazing children (one son and one daughter) and five grandchildren whom she loves dearly.  Mona loves to travel and has a doctorate in shopping! 


There are many personal words that Mona lives by, one that has been an anchor in her life is “Character and Integrity speak volumes and are a necessary essential to living a life filled with purpose.”  You will be inspired and encouraged as God uses Mona to prayers that the Lord has pressed upon her heart. 

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