Nedra Ali

Nedra Ali, born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, and now a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, Nedra is a friend you will always want to have in your life.  Mother of three (Makayla, Michael, and Nevaeh) and married to her wonderful husband Norman.


With fifteen years working in the insurance industry as a data analyst, Nedra is a walking example of what obedience looks like. Stepping out and now the Owner and CEO of Simplistic Innovationz, Nedra is a world-class web designer, specializing in social media and brand management. Let us say, Nedra’s special skills list is massive, creating and building database systems, video editing, and graphic designs are just a few on the list. Nedra's ultimate goal as Owner and CEO is to bring the vision to life through creativity. 


In 2020, Nedra became a co-author of her first collaborative entitled’ Undaunted. This will be her second collaborative.

Filled with the Joy of the Lord, Nedra is such a blessing to be around.  She brightens the darkest room with the light within and her laugh communicates to everyone the method that she stands and lives by, K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simply Simplistic”.  To some, this may be simple but to Nedra, it's been life-changing!

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