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Dr. Nicckay Natson is an Apostle and Prophet of God. She is the founder of Nicckay Natson Ministries (NNM) Alton and Nicckay Natson Global Inc. (ANNGI) and the Kingdom Global Alliance Network alongside her husband Apostle Alton Natson. She is a native of Statesboro, Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where they are headquartered. She utilizes God’s anointing and her experiences to help the young, the new Christian, and those seasoned in Christ to prepare for, adapt to, and experience transformation spiritually, mentally, economically, professionally, and socially in accordance to the word of God. A spiritual mother, a mentor of many, and an on-fire woman of God, she operates in the gifts of healing, discerning of spirits, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, intercession, deliverance, the gift of faith, and the working of miracles.

She is an igniter of faith, the keeper of the flame, a pioneer of prayer an intercession. She is a voice and a seer; a pioneer one who blazes the trail in the marketplace and for the body of Christ without compromise. Dr. Nicckay is a Licensed Clinical Christian Psychologist, Certified Mentor and Certified Marriage Mentor and a Certified Life Coach helping families through professional mental health counseling and in inner healing deal with the complexities of life. My goal and interest is to help the body of believers become whole in every area of their life by teaching, educating, training and developing them to be authentic. In 2016, Dr. Nicckay earned a Doctor of Clinical Counseling and Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Nicckay is the author of “Lifting the Mask”, “The Pure in Heart”, which is a 31-day devotional, The Birthing of A Intercessor, coming soon The Love Nest, she is also the co-author of Daughters of Triumph, Overdue, Unshakable Faith, and Letters to my Legacy. As an entrepreneur, she is the president and founder of Natson Enterprises, Rejuvenation Counseling, Coaching & Consulting LLC, Remnant Arising Academy & Training Institute, Touch of Heaven, and L.I.F.T (Ladies In Faith Together) International, along with several other businesses and services that cater to the needs of God’s people and her local community. She is the devoted wife to Apostle Alton Natson, proud mother of two jewels in Christ, Tiannah and Jareal, and the proud glam-ma of Joshua and Joell. My mantra is and I live by these words “We Rise By Lifting Others”


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