Phebe Taylor

“I don't need permission from man to be great. God created me in His likeness, therefore I was created to be great.” - Phebe Taylor 


To know Phebe is to instantly have a best friend, encourager, motivator, leader and sister.  She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Although she loves the Florida life, culture, and food, destiny would have it that Maryland would be her home away from home; which is where she currently resides outside of Baltimore, Maryland.  This is the place where she declares, "relocating was the genesis of when real maturity started.”


Phebe is married to her childhood crush, Mario and together they have four amazing children; affectionately known as the G’s.  Their names are Garrison, Gianna, Gabriella, and Grant.  Each of them have brought so much joy and love to all they encounter.  She has obtained her Associates in Liberal Arts, Six Sigma Quality Improvement Certification and a number of training and certificates in Early Childhood Development. 


In her free time she loves to watch “The Office”, relish in moments of self care, cater for small events, and she is constantly in a posture of learning.  She enjoys learning about women’s health, mental health, children’s life and development, personal development, other cultures, history, outer space, nature, ocean life, and of course anything pertaining to Biblical studies. She gleans from having and nurturing meaningful relationships and also enjoys thought provoking conversations which yield understanding and empathy. 


Phebe’s passion in life is to change the world by serving God and others. Ultimately seeing people experience salvation, redemption, healing, deliverance, and restoration in all areas of one’s life through a relationship with Jesus Christ greatly motivates her. She quotes “Once I transition from this side of heaven into glory, I want it to be said that I served the Lord, myself, and people with gladness!”


Phebe loves serving at her local church and it is quite evident one can truly say that she has a heart to serve the Lord and His people.  What a testimony she has of deliverance and freedom specifically  from:  Molestation, Depression, bulimia, infant loss, low self esteem, breaking free from religion, comparison, rejection, betrayal, suicide attempts, postpartum depression, cycles of comparison, suicidal thoughts, unwise decisions, mental torment, fear, insecurities, fear of man, and family dysfunction all attempted to derail her life.  Ultimately, she is an overcomer and survivor.  Strength from God, guidance from the Holy Spirit and a heart to be free, She survived.  She is confident, unmuzzled, healthy, focused, and eager to share how God turned on the light in her life and made darkness flee.


Family is everything for Phebe.  She is grateful for her family, friends, Pastors, coaches, mentors, cheerleaders, and church family.  Her personal mantra is “I can’t control what others do or say.  Instead, I am in control of my thoughts, actions, reactions, and words.  Daily I choose to be responsible with each of them!  Respond well!” 


Supported, Loved and Honored are three words that sums up the life of Phebe Taylor.   May your heart be encouraged  and may God meet you right where you are as she leads you directly to Jesus.

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