Raymonica Ross


Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Raymonica Ross is a devoted wife, mother, and woman of God. Helping others reach their desired fitness and wellness goals have proved to be her purpose in life. She realized that life is a journey and not a destination after experiencing a personal battle with chronic pain, Conversion Disorder/Functional Neurological Disorder, and Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures.


Through her struggles she was driven more than ever to become the best and healthiest version of herself. She started In His Image Wellness, L.L.C. in hopes to service the health, and wellness of men and women with busy life schedules who are desiring to become healthier from the inside out. She teaches unapologetically that in order to give the best to your family, friends, career, and purpose you must give the best to yourself first.

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She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist who uses her knowledge and past experiences to create personalized fitness and wellness plans for her clients. Outside of her passions for fitness and wellness, Raymonica loves to read, research, travel, and spend time with her family and friends.