Tomika Prouty


Currently reside in Bonaire, Georgia and like most business professionals; Tomika has her hands full as a wife, mother of four (Kortneye, Samantha, Rachel and Faith), visionary, speaker, author, writer and publishing house. 


Tomika (Evangelist) is the Founder of Truth Revealed Global Ministries (2016) with her husband Pastor Craig Prouty. Truth Revealed (Outreach and Street Ministry) motto is “meeting people where they are”. They believe in going out into the community meeting the needs of the people; serving others not being served.


She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Theology from Middle Georgia College of Theology. She was awarded an Associate of Arts in Justice Administration from Hawaii Pacific University (2007), a Bachelor in Biblical Studies from Middle Georgia College of Theology (2020) and numerous certificates and awards during her service to this Nation.

Tomika launched her company, House of Stone by CoCo in August 2014. It started with the sale of t-shirts that display positive Christian messages such as “Turn’t Up 4 JESUS” and rapidly expanded into an international market with customers in France, Germany and Kuwait (as well as the U.S.). As a Celebrity Jewelry Designer Visionary, her company provides uniquely designed, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, which exudes elegance, grace & sophistication as well as pieces for “everyday wear”. 


She has dedicated twenty-two years of life serving (Retired/Combat Veteran) in the United States Army. She would not be the woman that she is today and where she is in life without her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She is passionate about her relationship with Him and why she penned her first Memoir, A Soldier’s Story: Strength Despite Adversity (2018). She discusses the hard truth about war and how she overcame many obstacles that were meant to destroy her. But God! She has co-authored Daughters of Triumph (2018) with 20 amazing women, the visionary of Unshakable Faith: Twenty Testimonies by Men & Women of Great Faith (2020) and co-produced (visionary) Sisters of War: The Reunion (2017) which captured three veterans combat experience to Iraq/Afghanistan.

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