Zakela Mickens

Zakela J. Mickens is an enthusiastic, fun and vibrant woman of God. Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida she is the second oldest of four siblings.  An amazing wife and mother of three, one boy and two girls. 

Through a few of her Initiatives, she currently serves as an advocate for Colon Cancer awareness and a volunteer with The Black Birth Experience. With a gentle push of inspiration from a few of her loved ones, she recently started a business and Breastfeeding Education and support group for Women of Color called “Powered by Chocolate Milk”.

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She is currently studying to become a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, with great aspirations to transition to an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. She chose this career path because she wants to bridge the gap of racial and social disparities in healthcare as it pertains to low breastfeeding rates amongst Women of Color. In her spare time, she loves to listen to music, read, crochet and teach herself how to play the guitar. 

The saying “You reap what you sow, whatever you put into the atmosphere is what will come back to you” is a personal mantra that she lives by.